Rapid Action Doors

High speed climate control doors.

A range of innovative, automatically operated, quick action doors for industrial applications.

Designed to minimise heat loss and prevent wind blowing through continually open doorways whilst forlift trucks are in use.

They also help to contain offensive odours, prevent vermin ingress and to retain workplace noise.

They are also invaluable when fitted internally, separating departments or process areas, helping to avoid cross contamination.

Rapid Repair Slides

This roll-up rapid action door is fitted to a windy tunnel area at St Regis Paper Mill, Darwen.

Wind blowing through this busy thoroughfare caused problems with the delicate settings of machines in the production area.

This door allowed product to pass through whilst minimising wind ingress.

Non-insulated, heavy duty roller door

This heavy duty, fold-up rapid action door is part of a pair forming an 'Air-Lock', protecting food production at Walkers Snack Foods, Skelmersdale

Colour coated, single skin roller door

Roll-up rapid action door fitted to a quarantine area at Fort Vale Engineering, Simonstone.